Director of Education

Dena Director of Edu

Dena Marinelli | Director of Education

When did you begin your career in the beauty Biz?

I started my adventure in the beauty business in high school when I enrolled in cosmetology classes.

How long have you been with Dino Palmieri Salons?

I started with DPS in 2000. I did leave the company for three years for a position as a color educator, but eventually found my way back on the DPS team in 2013.

What is it that draws you to the education aspect of the business?

Education has always been important to me. It is so inspiring to see the light bulb go off in someone’s eyes. I am a hair nerd and I love attending classes. As hairstylists we are really lucky, we get to utilize our talents and knowledge of the hair industry to make other people feel good about themselves.  I truly treasure that feeling, and love that I have the opportunity as the Education Director at DPS to help inspire and guide other stylists in our company to                      experience it as well. The education team at DPS, including the educators, mentors and stylists are amazing, which makes my job so enjoyable. This team genuinely loves sharing their craft and they truly put their heart and soul into their work on a daily basis.

What educational experiences do you feel have really influenced your work ethic in the DPS educational program as our Director of Education?

I feel very lucky to be on the DPS team, we have had countless opportunities to attend different academies and classes in the business. It is a passion of mine to share the knowledge and skills that I am able to adapt from these courses to others in the company, especially the opportunities we have received from Wella, they continue to treat us so well!

We all have people that have influence our work ethics, who would you say has played a key role as a mentor in your career thus far?

Anthony, (who works at Studio with me) has taught me so much about customer service and our business. He and I have a brother sister relationship. I am lucky he has had the patience for me. He has always pushed me to be the best I can be, even though I give him hell.

Melissa, (our Operations Manager) she keeps me sane and in check. She guides me all the time on how to be positive and professional.

Antonio, ( my best friend) is the most confident, creative and magnetic person I know. I admire him for those things and wish to be like him in those ways.

Dino, people love him so much and he knows how to get anyone into a conversation. It’s admirable. He also is one of the most humorous people I know and is  generous and good natured.